The Manawatu Power Boat Club Inc was formed in 1962. Prior to this they were a part of the Manawatu Boating Club which was a Yacht and Power Boat Club.

Our club-rooms were burnt down some years ago. but now we have a new one! we are looking for memorabilia to display. So please pass on anything that you know of or may have. 

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 Today we have a fresh new look and things are only getting better!

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We need more details and pictures from anyone that knows! please email bayden@scs.net.nz



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Gold Cup 2017 will be the 46th event

This was originally set up when the Foxton Boating & fishing clubs were joined.

The two Clubs split about 35 years ago into the two clubs they are now. Most Racing clubs were racing on lakes & had the Masport Cup put up by Mason & Porter in the 30s, as their feature event.

Marlborough had the Pelorus Jack Cup, which was their feature race & this cup was run mainly on Picton Harbour.

The Gold cup quickly became the most prestige's river race, bar none.

If you won a Gold Cup you certainly had a class boat & were immediately put among the elite driver's. This has not changed.


Bob Dunlop Memorial Trophy

was presented by the Dunlop family after the death of Club member Bob Dunlop.

Bob was a professional race engine builder & had a complete engine building workshop in Palmerston North.

As Bob had raced V8 Flatties & his work was mainly on V8 race engines. The deed of gift stated that only inboard flatties can contest this Trophy Race.


Sally Nagel Memorial Trophy

was presented by Gary Nagel in memory of his wife Sally. Sally was killed in a car crash on Highway 1, in about 1994. She was our Sec /Tres at that point & had been so for several years.

No deed of gift was given to us, but in conjunction with Gary, it was decided to put it up for competition between, both the Series 3000 class & the Mod H Hydroplanes. Thus giving a good trophy to classes that normally would not make the Gold Cup field.

It was also decided to run it on a shorter course than the 800 meter Gold Cup course. No length was decided but it has  normally been run on about a 550 meter course.

The original trophy was scrapped in about 2008 & as it was held in such prestige by these two classes, the Manawatu Club brought a new one that looks very similar to the old one. (the club still has the old one.)


The Ross Knight Memorial Trophy

Ross Knight was a foundation Member of the Manawatu Power Boat Club, when the 2 clubs split.

Ross mainly raced 6000cc inboard hydroplanes.

Ross died fairly quickly from cancer, but stayed interested in hydroplanes right up to his death.

This Trophy was put up by the Knight family for open class inboard Hydroplanes & is the best open class hydroplane race that is still run on the river's.

This Trophy must be run on the Gold Cup course.